The 7 Pillars Of Ecommerce Success

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About The Instructor

Darren has an MBA in Internet Marketing and 10+ years of experience marketing retail, manufacturing and Internet marketing corporations, 7-figure brands and startups online.


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Ecommerce 101 Course Overview

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Lesson 1: Intro To Ecommerce

Learn the absolute basics of ecommerce. I’ll explain how ecommerce works. By the end of this introduction, you’ll have a firm understanding of the types of products you can sell online and how they compare.

  • Learn How Ecommerce Works
  • Learn The Main Types Of Online Business Models
  • Learn The Types Of Physical Products You Can Sell
  • Learn The Store Product Models

Lesson 2: Ecommerce Business Models

In this video, we discuss the pros and cons of the different ways you can sell physical products online. You’ll learn why I personally favor affiliate marketing over dropshipping.

  • The Pro's and Con's Of Selling On Amazon
  • The Average Margins Of Each Ecommerce Business Model
  • How Dropshipping Works
  • How Warehousing Works
  • The Difference Between Private and White Label
  • How Affiliate Marketing Works

Lesson 3: Product / Market Fit

In this video, you’ll learn what product/market fit is. And how you can achieve it in your ecommerce business.

  • Learn What Product/Market Fit Is
  • Learn The 3 Ingredients Of Product/Market Fit
  • Learn Criteria For Product/Market Fit
  • Learn The Market Research Tools and Resources Needed

Lesson 4: Introduction To Branding

In this video, I’ll share why having a brand is essential for product/market fit and profitability. I’ll share the brand building process and the core elements of a memorable brand.

  • Learn Why You Need A Customer-Centric Brand
  • Learn The Stages Of Brand Development
  • Learn How to Create A Brand
  • Learn About Visual Identity
  • Learn About Brand Voice
  • Learn About Brand Associations
  • Learn About Brand Positioning
  • Learn About Product Pricing
  • Learn How to Win At Branding
  • Learn The Resources Needed To Build A Brand

Lesson 5: Intro To Marketing Automation

In this video, I talk about the technology needed to automate your marketing funnel. I also explain the buying process so you can understand where you need to plug content and technology into it.

  • Learn How Many Touch Points Are Needed to Make A Sale
  • Learn The Technology Needed For Ecommerce Automation
  • Learn Why Pixeling and Tagging Is Essential For Marketing Automation
  • Learn About The Post-Purchase Buyer's Journey

Lesson 6: Intro To Content Marketing

In this video, we talk about the types of content you need to attract and convert buyers. We also talk about generating on-demand traffic.

  • Learn The Elements of A Marketing Funnel
  • Learn One Of The Biggest Mistakes New Ecom Site Owners Make
  • Learn How To Win At Content Marketing
  • Learn The Resources You Need To Do Content Marketing
  • Learn The Basics of Facebook Ads
  • Learn The Basics Of Instagram Marketing
  • Learn How Much You Should Spend On Advertising In The Startup Phase

Lesson 7: Initial Business Plan

In this lesson, we bring it all together and formulate an initial business plan. You’ll learn how to use the free calculators and tools I’ve created for you.

  • Understand The Elements Of A Business PLan
  • Learn How To Use The Startup Cost Calculator
  • Learn How To Calculate Your Total Product Cost
  • Learn How To Use The Amazon FBA Calculator
  • Learn How To Use The Break Even Calculator
  • Learn Average Industry Conversion Rates
  • Learn Why I Emphasize Influencer and Blogger Outreach So Much

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